I’ve had the honor and the privilege to work with some amazing humans! Here are some highlights!


“At this point, I look at Arthur as a son that has coached me and shown this old goat some new tricks! As a man of many accomplishments, it was powerful to see that there were still places for me to grow.”

-Hide Tanigami CEO | Co-Founder | Vice President - Catalyst Semiconductor - A Fortune 500 Company, Marubun/Arrow USA LLC


“Arthur is a man of integrity, promise, love. He has empowered me to step into the next level of my life and taught me the value of Empowered Delegation.”

-Garrain Jones Transformational Speaker | Coach | Facilitator | Author“Change Your Mindset Change Your Life'“


“Sometimes I stop and think: ‘What would Arthur Do?’ He’s a mentor and the perfect person to have taken me to the next step in my life.”

-James Kennedy DJ | Recording Artist | Star of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules

“Arthur has the knack and incomparable sight to make great change in any organization. His uncompromising commitment to people and nurturing talent has yielded incredible results and it all comes from a place of genuine love and care.”

-Ken Todd Producer | Star Vanderpump Rules | Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Owner | Operator TomToms | PUMP | SUR